Telekinett is a label devoted to the creation, study, and promotion of experimental, atonal, electronic, and electroacoustic music. Mauricio Reyes is an electroacoustic artist and founder of Telekinett.  Currently, Reyes is collaborating with several eminent electroacoustic artists to produce a variety of projects based on specific themes and art movements such as Fluxus, Constructivism, Futurism, and DADA.

Past and Future Productions

The Sone of Total Proximity Mauricio Reyes and Adi Newton

The Sone of Total Proximity Mauricio Reyes and Adi Newton

The Last ISO: Diffraction

The Last ISO: Attenuation

Organ Needles: Stereoscopic Poincaré

Stereoscopic Poincaré: Duchamp on Absinthe Mix

Future projects include: “The Black Dahlia” with Adi Newton and Michael Esposito. An aural recollection of memories and EVP sounds that were taped at the murder scene.  “Spiricom: A Transmission From The Other Side” utilizes historic recordings of Leslie Flint and the Meta Science Foundation. “Future Echoes” explores modern approaches in Electroacoustic Music while creating a soundtrack for the future. “Hacked, Reality” studies the vulnerability of personal information and our own reality which becomes virtual as the world evolves.

COMING SOON: DADA MUZIK – Constructing the invisible

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