A space dedicated to the study, preservation, and research of sound Art and electroacoustics

Telekinett is a label devoted to the preservation, study, and promotion of experimental, atonal, electronic, and electro-acoustic music. Mauricio Reyes, an electroacoustic artist is the creator and director of Telekinett.  Currently, Reyes is collaborating with several eminent electroacoustic artists to produce a variety of projects based on specific themes and art such as Vorticism, Constructivism, Futurism, and DADA.

Some of his future projects include: “Spiricom A Transmission From The Other Side” based on the research and historic recordings of Leslie Flint and the Meta Science Foundation,  “Future Echoes” an exploration of the impact of technology in contemporary music-making while creating a soundtrack for the future. “Hacked, Reality” explores the vulnerability of personal information and our very own realities which become more and more virtual as the world evolves.

One of the most significant future projects is called “DADA MUSIK”. An attempt to create music as if it was composed, performed and created played by different Bauhaus artists.

Reyes is the creator/curator/coordinator of the Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Extenta project. He is the founder of the Ambisonic Guild, a group of contemporary electroacoustic artists collaborating from different countries and time zones. He is also is a typographer and painter, Reyes is the creator of the Electroacoustic Abstractionism art movement, a movement in which works of Art are not reduced to the field of hearing alone. It is a multi-dimensional and multi-experiential process to connect the viewer, the environment, and any of its works of art.

COMING SOON: DADA MUZIK – Constructing the invisible

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