Cycom (Mauricio Reyes) Bundles 2

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Sample 2 – HOLOPHONY


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Mauricio Reyes (Cycom) Bundles


These recordings have been long out of print.  I am making them available for this fundraiser. Some of these were created with sound samples created with Mr. Adi Newton.


1 – FREQUENCY 25:00
2 – TENSION 25:00
3 – RESPONSE 19:15

Acousmonium takes its name from the Acousmonium sound diffusion system designed in 1974 by François Bayle and used by the Groupe de Recherches Musicales at the Maison de Radio France. It consisted of 80 loudspeakers of different sizes and shapes designed for tape playback. The Acousmonium was defined by its originators as a
“listening and penetrable ‘projection area,’ arranged with a view with the immersion in sound, and spatialized polyphony, which is articulated and directed.”


1 – Otoacoustic Emission 25:00
2 – Audiometry 20:03
3 – Psionic Signal 22:38

Holophony is a careful mixture of field recordings and multi-layered sound patterns recorded at various frequencies targeting the audio alpha activity of the brain. Studies conducted under test conditions and supervision concluded that while listening to music, subjects have a significant decrease in alpha wave power as well as an increase in beta wave power. The audio sensory stimulus induced by Holophony can also cause an increase in heart rate and respiration, producing a calming effect on the physiological processes.


1 – Contagion 27:02
2 – Perplexity 23:02
3 – Resilience 19:22

The Corona Effect is a piece about the current pandemic we are all living through. It is a journalistic piece that was assembled using various viral videos describing several opinions, symptoms, confusions, words of advice, and encouraging words from various people on different continents and all walks of life. It is a piece about the history of our history, a tribute to those who have perished and those who have survived this crisis especially the elderly and the sick who are fighting for their lives.  One day this piece will serve as a historic document that covers this one event that has changed so many lives forever.

I may not be a survivor but I developed a respiratory condition that has not completely gone away. I was one of many being tested for Covit-19 and I was lucky to be negative.  Thousands upon thousands of people around the world were and are not so lucky.  That uncontrollable fear I felt and the stories I hear daily in the news were my motivation to create “The Corona Effect”. Hopefully, many years from now, this recording will touch the lives of those who will remember this pandemic or learn about it as something unthinkable that they believed could never happen to them.