9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Meta Tones Et Symphonia Compacta

This exclusive non-stop 80-minute mix is the highlights from the 9 Beet Stretch 2.0 Et Symphonia Extenta

The complete 9 Beet Stretch 2.0: Et Symphonia Extenta lasts 24 hours. It is hard to imagine that anyone would listen to the entire thing from beginning to end. This special 80-minute mix contains the best parts from every participant’s 2-hour segment, it could be called “Highlights from the Et Symphonia Extenta.  This fantastic mix is an ideal companion while you are at work or when you simply want to sit back and listen to an immersive and complex piece of collective electroacoustic work.

This mix will be offered exclusively to backers who support our campaign. There will be multiple levels of contributing during our Kickstarter campaign. There are no plans at the moment to release this recording as a CD or from platforms such as Bandcamp. This piece has been produced exclusively for our campaign. Make sure to obtain your digital download or copy of this fantastic mix.

Backers Welcomed!

Some of these wonderful objects have been designed but need to be produced. We need your support to bring these to life. We invite anyone interested to back this fascinating project so we can make this unprecedented recording available for the masses. We thank you in advance!