A Meontological treasure of unreleased sonic and visual material

Created by one of the most influential Electroacoustic artists of our time SOLE is a vault of sonic and visual experiments.

This is a unique opportunity to own SOLE available as a strictly limited edition.

I came to music/sound by chance as I’m a Painter foremost, but I was aware of experimental music at an early age, particularly the work of Ilhan Mimaroglu, Luciano Berio, John Cage, Earle Brown, Wendy Carlos, The Radiophonic Workshop, et al and of their use of magnetic tape in composition. So, that was something I had been experimenting with myself, when I became involved in the formation of the electronic trio THE FUTURE and it was a direction I gravitated towards.

These Recordings collected here for the first time were recorded over the last 10 years dating back to 2007 and up to 2017, the latest of which is an alternate version of a track from 2020 TAG Ltd Edition Box ORGAN NEEDLES. At the time these tracks were part of a process of composition that sometimes results in works being superseded by other works or archived due to not fitting into a specific conceptual theme of a project. Regardless of this, each piece is unique in itself and complete.

My good friend and colleague Mauricio Reyes suggested this concept and proposed to undertake its production. So my thanks are due to his organisation/production and great work on the Design and Artwork for this project and his contributions on the final track Stereoscopic Poincare.

My thanks also to each one of you who acquire this very special box and experience these unique moments in time.

Adi Newton, London, 2021

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What’s in the Box?



Letter from Adi Newton/Anterior Research

Booklet named: “AN ASSEMBLAGE OF REFLECTIONS” with a description of the tracks and artworks

9 Beet Stretch 2.0 Project Postcards



Letter from Adi Newton/Anterior Research

4 Frameable Chromalin montages in Super High resolution from the Infinity Series

Infinity 01 – Turing Shroud
Infinity 02 – Memories of Space
Infinity 03 – John Glenn Trajectory
Infinity 04 – John Glenn Vent

Booklet named: “AN ASSEMBLAGE OF REFLECTIONS” with a description of the tracks and artworks


1 USB Flash Drive containing all 11 uncompressed remastered tracks PLUS two additional tracks exclusive to this release

Original Videos

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